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Public–Private Partnerships
Policy and Governance Challenges Facing Kazakhstan and Russia
Queer Apocalypses
Elements of Antisocial Theory
Race and the Politics of Knowledge Production
Diaspora and Black Transnational Scholarship in the United States and Brazil
Radical Intellectuals and the Subversion of Progressive Politics
The Betrayal of Politics
Reassessing the Revolution in Military Affairs
Transformation, Evolution and Lessons Learnt
Author: Mouraviev
ISBN: 1137569514
BookCode: N5379
Year: 2017
Price: 114.99
Author: Bernini
ISBN: 3319433601
BookCode: N2562
Year: 2017
Price: 99.99
Author: Mitchell-Walthour
ISBN: 1137553936
BookCode: N5321
Year: 2016
Price: 89.99
Author: Thompson
ISBN: 1137385154
BookCode: N6770
Year: 2015
Price: 89.99
Author: Futter
ISBN: 1137513756
BookCode: N3676
Year: 2015
Price: 79.99
Recognition in International Relations
Rethinking a Political Concept in a Global Context
Reconciliation in Conflict-Affected Communities
Practices and Insights from the Asia-Pacific
Reconciling Cultural and Political Identities in a Globalized World
Perspectives on Australia-Turkey Relations
Reforming Civil-Military Relations in New Democracies
Democratic Control and Military Effectiveness in Comparative Perspectives
Regulation of Infrastructure and Utilities
Public Policy and Management Issues
Author: Daase
ISBN: 1137464712
BookCode: N3134
Year: 2015
Price: 89.99
Author: Jenkins
ISBN: 9811067988
BookCode: N4331
Year: 2018
Price: 119.99
Author: Michael
ISBN: 1137493143
BookCode: N5268
Year: 2015
Price: 89.99
Author: Croissant
ISBN: 3319531883
BookCode: N3110
Year: 2017
Price: 119.99
Author: Asquer
ISBN: 3319677349
BookCode: N2357
Year: 2018
Price: 99.99
Reinventing Development
The Sceptical Change Agent
Religion and Post-Conflict Statebuilding
Roman Catholic and Sunni Islamic Perspectives
Religious Complexity in the Public Sphere
Comparing Nordic Countries
Religious Minorities in Turkey
Alevi, Armenians, and Syriacs and the Struggle to Desecuritize Religious Freedom
Resistance and Change in World Politics
International Dissidence
Author: Fforde
ISBN: 3319502263
BookCode: N3554
Year: 2017
Price: 99.99
Author: Dragovic
ISBN: 1137455144
BookCode: N3364
Year: 2015
Price: 69.99
Author: Furseth
ISBN: 3319556770
BookCode: N3675
Year: 2018
Price: 119.99
Author: Bardakci
ISBN: 113727025X
BookCode: N2465
Year: 2017
Price: 99.99
Author: Gertheiss
ISBN: 3319504444
BookCode: N3750
Year: 2017
Price: 129.99
Resources and Applied Methods in International Relations
Rethinking Civic Participation in Democratic Theory and Practice
Rethinking Security in the Twenty-First Century
A Reader
Revisiting Globalization and the Rise of Global Production Networks
Revisiting Metaphors in International Relations Theory
Author: Devin
ISBN: 3319619780
BookCode: N3282
Year: 2018
Price: 109.99
Author: Dacombe
ISBN: 1137588241
BookCode: N3137
Year: 2018
Price: 99.99
Author: Jacob
ISBN: 113752541X
BookCode: N4271
Year: 2017
Price: 119.99
Author: Maswood
ISBN: 3319602934
BookCode: N5143
Year: 2018
Price: 99.99
Author: Marks
ISBN: 3319712004
BookCode: N5104
Year: 2018
Price: 114.99
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