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A Study on Antimicrobial Effects of Nanosilver for Drinking Water Disinfection
Aquaculture Perspective of Multi-Use Sites in the Open Ocean
The Untapped Potential for Marine Resources in the Anthropocene
Aquatic Animal Nutrition
A Mechanistic Perspective from Individuals to Generations
Bacterial Fish Pathogens
Disease of Farmed and Wild Fish. 6/ed
Coral Bleaching
Patterns, Processes, Causes and Consequences. 2/ed
Author: Yang
ISBN: 9811029016
BookCode: N7220
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Buck
ISBN: 3319511572
BookCode: N2782
Year: 2017
Price: 49.99
Author: Steinberg
ISBN: 3319917668
BookCode: N6583
Year: 2018
Price: 139.99
Author: Austin
ISBN: 3319326732
BookCode: N2372
Year: 2016
Price: 219.99
Author: van Oppen
ISBN: 3319753924
BookCode: N6895
Year: 2018
Price: 129.99
Evolutionary Transitions to Multicellular Life
Principles and mechanisms
Fish Vaccines
Global Ecology and Oceanography of Harmful Algal Blooms
Goods and Services of Marine Bivalves
Integrated Water Resources Management
Concept, Research and Implementation
Author: Ruiz-Trillo
ISBN: 9401796416
BookCode: N6180
Year: 2015
Price: 129.99
Author: Adams
ISBN: 3034809786
BookCode: N2150
Year: 2016
Price: 139.99
Author: Glibert
ISBN: 3319700685
BookCode: N3800
Year: 2018
Price: 159.99
Author: Smaal
ISBN: 3319967754
BookCode: N6502
Year: 2019
Price: 49.99
Author: Borchardt
ISBN: 3319250698
BookCode: N2665
Year: 2016
Price: 229.99
Marine Animal Forests
The Ecology of Benthic Biodiversity Hotspots
Marine Ecological Processes. 3/ed
Marine Mammal Welfare
Human Induced Change in the Marine Environment and its Impacts on Marine Mammal Welfare
Marine Protists
Diversity and Dynamics
Riverine Ecosystem Management
Science for Governing Towards a Sustainable Future
Author: Rossi
ISBN: 3319210114
BookCode: N6142
Year: 2017
Price: 499.99
Author: Valiela
ISBN: 0387790683
BookCode: N6874
Year: 2015
Price: 93.45
Author: Butterworth
ISBN: 3319469932
BookCode: N2813
Year: 2017
Price: 179.99
Author: Ohtsuka
ISBN: 4431551298
BookCode: N5560
Year: 2015
Price: 199.99
Author: Schmutz
ISBN: 3319732498
BookCode: N6306
Year: 2018
Price: 49.99
Aquaculture, Ecology, Gerontology, and Ecotoxicology
Systems Biology of Marine Ecosystems
Wastewater Management Through Aquaculture
Author: Hagiwara
ISBN: 9811056331
BookCode: N3953
Year: 2017
Price: 134.99
Author: Kumar
ISBN: 3319620924
BookCode: N4696
Year: 2017
Price: 159.99
Author: Jana
ISBN: 9811356106
BookCode: N4302
Year: 2018
Price: 149.99
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