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3D Echocardiography of Structural Heart Disease
An Imaging Atlas
A Construction Manual for Robots' Ethical Systems
Requirements. Methods. Implementations
A Quarter Century of Post-Communism Assessed
Acute Heart Failure
Putting the Puzzle of Pathophysiology and Evidence Together in Daily Practice. 2/ed
Adult Congenital Heart Disease
Focusing on Intervention
Author: Sadeghian
ISBN: 3319540386
BookCode: N9136
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Trappl
ISBN: 3319215477
BookCode: N4234
Year: 2015
Price: 99.99
Author: Fish
ISBN: 3319434365
BookCode: N8388
Year: 2017
Price: 119.99
Author: Krüger
ISBN: 3319549715
BookCode: N8702
Year: 2017
Price: 119.99
Author: Masuda
ISBN: 9811045410
BookCode: N8836
Year: 2017
Price: 139.99
Advanced Decision Making for HVAC Engineers
Creating Energy Efficient Smart Buildings
Advanced Multipoles for Accelerator Magnets
Theoretical Analysis and Their Measurement
Advanced Technologies in Modern Robotic Applications
Advances in Artificial Economics
Aesthetics and Neuroscience
Scientific and Artistic Perspectives
Author: Khazaii
ISBN: 3319333275
BookCode: N2684
Year: 2016
Price: 109.99
Author: Schnizer
ISBN: 3319656651
BookCode: N6952
Year: 2017
Price: 79.99
Author: Yang
ISBN: 9811008299
BookCode: N4493
Year: 2016
Price: 129.99
Author: Amblard
ISBN: 3319095773
BookCode: N1123
Year: 2015
Price: 99.99
Author: Kapoula
ISBN: 3319462326
BookCode: N2632
Year: 2016
Price: 99.99
Aizoaceae. 2/ed
Algorithms of Estimation for Nonlinear Systems
A Differential and Algebraic Viewpoint
Alternative Offender Rehabilitation and Social Justice
Arts and Physical Engagement in Criminal Justice and Community Settings
Altruism and Self-Interest in Democracies
Individual Participation in Government
An Economic Analysis on Automated Construction Safety
Internet of Things. Artificial Intelligence and 3D Printing
Author: Hartmann
ISBN: 366249258X
BookCode: N5869
Year: 2017
Price: 259
Author: Martínez-Guerra
ISBN: 3319530399
BookCode: N8832
Year: 2017
Price: 99.99
Author: Crichlow
ISBN: 1137476818
BookCode: N1725
Year: 2015
Price: 99.99
Author: Jankowski
ISBN: 1137403187
BookCode: N2551
Year: 2015
Price: 84.99
Author: Li
ISBN: 9811057702
BookCode: N6263
Year: 2018
Price: 119.99
An Introduction to Mathematical Epidemiology
An Introduction to Transfer Entropy
Information Flow in Complex Systems
Analysis and Modelling of Advanced Structures and Smart Systems
Analytics for Smart Energy Management
Tools and Applications for Sustainable Manufacturing
Analytics in Smart Tourism Design
Concepts and Methods
Author: Martcheva
ISBN: 1489976116
BookCode: N3052
Year: 2015
Price: 59.99
Author: Bossomaier
ISBN: 3319432214
BookCode: N1412
Year: 2016
Price: 109.99
Author: Altenbach
ISBN: 9811067643
BookCode: N5063
Year: 2018
Price: 149.99
Author: Oh
ISBN: 3319327283
BookCode: N3361
Year: 2016
Price: 139.99
Author: Xiang
ISBN: 3319442627
BookCode: N4474
Year: 2017
Price: 139.99
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