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3D Flash Memories
3D Printed Science Projects Volume 2
Physics. Math. Engineering and Geology Models
Accountability and Security in the Cloud
First Summer School. Cloud Accountability Project
Automated Workflow Scheduling in Self-Adaptive Clouds
Concepts. Algorithms and Methods
Beacon Technologies
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Beacosystem
Author: Micheloni
ISBN: 9401775109
BookCode: N3153
Year: 2016
Price: 99.99
Author: Horvath
ISBN: 1484226941
BookCode: N5923
Year: 2017
Price: 27.99
Author: Felici
ISBN: 3319171984
BookCode: N1998
Year: 2015
Price: 56
Author: Kousalya
ISBN: 3319569813
BookCode: N6160
Year: 2017
Price: 44.99
Author: Statler
ISBN: 1484218884
BookCode: N4064
Year: 2016
Price: 37.99
Beginning BBC micro
bit: A Practical Introduction to micro:bit Development
Beginning FPGA
Programming Metal: Your brain on hardware
Beginning Robotics Programming in Java with LEGO Mindstorms
Cloud Mobile Networks
From RAN to EPC
Cloud Service Benchmarking
Measuring Quality of Cloud Services from a Client Perspective
Author: Seneviratne
ISBN: 148423359X
BookCode: N9194
Year: 2018
Price: 19.99
Author: Pang
ISBN: 1430262478
BookCode: N6669
Year: 2017
Price: 37.95
Author: Lu
ISBN: 1484220048
BookCode: N2963
Year: 2016
Price: 37.99
Author: Vaezi
ISBN: 3319544950
BookCode: N9333
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Bermbach
ISBN: 3319554824
BookCode: N5203
Year: 2017
Price: 69.99
Contract Theory for Wireless Networks
Distributed Computing in Big Data Analytics
Concepts. Technologies and Applications
Engineering Scalable. Elastic. and Cost-Efficient Cloud Computing Applications
The CloudScale Method
Guide to Cisco Routers Configuration
Becoming a Router Geek. 2/ed
Guide to Computing Fundamentals in Cyber-Physical Systems
Author: Zhang
ISBN: 3319532871
BookCode: N7429
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Mazumder
ISBN: 3319598333
BookCode: N6432
Year: 2017
Price: 109.99
Author: Becker
ISBN: 3319542850
BookCode: N8096
Year: 2017
Price: 54.99
Author: Alani
ISBN: 3319546295
BookCode: N5041
Year: 2017
Price: 44.99
Author: Möller
ISBN: 3319251767
BookCode: N3197
Year: 2016
Price: 84.99
Guide to DataFlow Supercomputing
Basic Concepts. Case Studies. and a Detailed Example
Handbook of Large-Scale Distributed Computing in Smart Healthcare
Learn Autodesk Inventor 2018 Basics
3D Modeling. 2D Graphics. and Assembly Design
The Mayan Adventure. 2/ed
Making Sense of Sensors
End-to-End Algorithms and Infrastructure Design from Wearable-Devices to Data Centers
Author: Milutinović
ISBN: 3319162284
BookCode: N3169
Year: 2015
Price: 69.99
Author: Khan
ISBN: 3319582798
BookCode: N6095
Year: 2017
Price: 279.99
Author: Kishore
ISBN: 1484232240
BookCode: N6116
Year: 2017
Price: 32.99
Author: Bell
ISBN: 148422261X
BookCode: N5191
Year: 2017
Price: 37.99
Author: Tickoo
ISBN: 1430265922
BookCode: N4212
Year: 2017
Price: 34.99
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